Our Resilient Community at CRS

The foundation of a strong culture starts with a diverse, resilient community of people. We don’t always notice how much stronger we are together until a group effort is needed to make it through turmoil or harsh situations. But when we do come together, anything is possible.

What is a ‘Resilient Community’ anyways?

It starts with people. There are many definitions of resilience in communities, and various perspectives on what makes a well-rounded culture. Is there one formula that works in every unique instance for creating a great community and culture? Nope—it’s all relative. But it’s clear to see that the biggest and most important common denominator always circles back to people. After that, it comes down to how adaptable, sustainable, transformable, and courageous the people of a community are capable of being. That’s how we define resilience at its core.

Our Ever-evolving and Growing Roles

Why is it important to have a resilient community?

For all the challenges that arise in our everyday lives, we need each other. A necessity in life is to have people you can rely on absolutely. Being surrounded by a community that has strength and resilience is even more so. A group that stands together and has a solid foundation will not only be able to take on and handle more, but they’ll be far better prepared for disasters and emergencies.

Facing disasters head on—

On that note, how exactly do we face disasters and emergencies head on? Notable key factors are:

  • Sufficient preparation
  • Staying connected
  • Working together to find solutions
  • Rebuilding stable foundations
  • Expertise, experience, and tenacity

We’re tested constantly in our lives of our own resilience and the strength within our communities, be they family, friends, or coworkers, and how well we can deal with strife. A disaster alone can be devastating. As much as it’s hard to see the silver lining in those circumstances, we must find strength in the people around us if we’re to rebuild and grow from there.

Our Compassionate People

Wellness within

Something often overlooked, but always a priority, is the wellness within a community. Resilience doesn’t automatically mean everyone is at 100% and doing great. It means we’re able to endure together, and with that comes a necessary change in perspective to the wellness of its people. Mental, physical, and emotional wellness are vitally important; being stronger as a whole collective is the most valuable, beneficial goal.

Our resilience

Finally, how are we at CRS a resilient community? Well, of course it starts with our people. The culture we have built over the past 30 years is embodied by those who are compassionate, adaptable, enduring, and continuously seek to grow, improve, and strive to make a difference in the lives of others. With so much turmoil in this world, we intend to bring positive change where we can and to be resilient where we’re needed.

We’re better together—and our community is resilient for you.

We Are Better Together as a Resilient Community

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