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CRS Temporary Housing announces merger with Klein & Co.

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 03rd December 2018 | Comment(s)

November 30, 2018 In partnership with GenNx360 Capital Partners, CRS Temporary Housing ("CRS") has merged with Klein & Company (“Klein & Co.”) based in Golden, Colorado. “This is a [...]

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We just can’t decide….

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 13th November 2018 | Comment(s)

Welcome to part 2 of our Thanksgiving video series! In this new episode, CRS employees were asked to make a choice between two popular Thanksgiving traditions. Take a minute to see what we've chose [...]

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At CRS, we honor six of our dedicated employees who are Veterans of the United States Military.

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 08th November 2018 | Comment(s)

“Teamwork is a huge thing in the military and it has always played a role in my jobs, but it is extremely prevalent here at CRS. Being able to work with the different departments to accomplish a g [...]

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So many choices at Thanksgiving, what’s your favorite ______________ ?

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 05th November 2018 | Comment(s)

This November we’re showcasing our dedicated employees in a 3-part video series about Thanksgiving. These video volunteers were asked a few questions on camera, without knowing the questions prior t [...]

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Experience: Customer Recovery Service

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 16th April 2018 | Comment(s)

Even the best companies sometimes succumb to missteps in customer service, those known for continuously providing amazing customer service can run into service irregularities. The key is having a plan [...]

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A CRS volunteer year.

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 22nd December 2017 | Comment(s)

    CRS employees participated in numerous events this year inside and out of the office to make for a stellar CRS volunteer year wrap up. Among normal day-to-day operations, we fi [...]

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The magic of being at home for the holidays.

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 14th December 2017 | Comment(s)

Many say that home is a feeling, rather than a place. Sure, we can feel 'at home' in different places, however, only one or two places hold the magic of really, truly being at home. This is especially [...]

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Are the upcoming holidays getting you stressed? You can still be jolly and say “No-No-No” this holiday season.

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 30th November 2017 | Comment(s)

Is thinking about December and the end of the year holidays starting to get you stressed? Join the club! But, let’s take a step back and maybe not join that ridiculous group. We can make our very o [...]

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For CRS Veterans, time served in the military means honor and pride on Veterans Day

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 10th November 2017 | Comment(s)

[caption id="attachment_2325" align="alignleft" width="425"] Sitting from left: Corinne Weinberger and Mindy Campbell. Standing from Left: Chris Varela and Vince Salazar.[/caption] Whether to fulfill [...]

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 19th October 2017 | Comment(s)

More than half (51%) of online consumers experienced a security incident in the past year. It is important to learn how to better protect our identity while so much of our life ends up online. October [...]

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