Customer Service Week 2022

Happy October & Happy Holidays from your friends at CRS!

We know what you’re thinking…Happy Holidays? Isn’t it October? Well, the first week of October is what we at CRS mark as the beginning of the holiday season. Why is that? Well, one of our favorite holidays happens October 3rd-7th. That holiday is Customer Service Week. This week is all about the importance of serving others with compassion, empathy, and excellence—all attributes we pride ourselves on doing very well, without exception. Customer service isn’t just about sales, it’s about making a difference in the lives of those we interact with on a daily basis. By providing a positive customer experience, we are both benefiting our company and the people who we serve.

What makes good customer service?

I think we can all agree that customer service is the backbone of many industries today. Positive and negative experiences can leave lasting impressions for our customers. You will never forget your first great Uber driver who went out of his way to make sure you made it home safe, or the call center employee that made you laugh as she helped you regain access to your account. And of course, you won’t forget the ones that missed the mark and couldn’t make a bad day any better. Great customer service is efficient, empathetic, and personal. It problem solves with not just the issue at hand in mind, but also the real people connected to it.

We’re in the People Business

Customer service is important in all industries, but we believe it is especially essential in the temporary housing industry. In our line of work, we deal with very complicated problems that require unique, and quick, solutions. The families who are touched by our company usually find themselves in extremely stressful situations, losing their homes either permanently or for a prolonged period of time. When going through this kind of ordeal you need someone who is on your side, someone who is looking out for you and your family. In your hour of need, our goal is to make you as comfortable and cared for as possible. Here at CRS, we treat you how we would hope someone would treat our own families should they find themselves in a time of crisis. Need to bring your dog? We got it. Need furniture to fill your temporary home? Not a problem. Want to stay close to your children’s school? We’ll stop at nothing to make it happen.

It’s more than a week—it’s all year long

This week is an excellent reminder as to why customer service is such a vital part of what we, and so many other people, experience. Keep in mind that this week is just a week unless we continue to treat every day like it’s customer service week. At CRS, we don’t just celebrate customer service these 5 days out the year, we celebrate it all year long. We understand the importance of supporting those we serve with empathy, compassion, and the desire to go the extra mile. Not only is it good for business, but it’s also good for people. Doing your job well is a satisfying feeling, but it becomes incredibly more rewarding when you are also making an impact on the individuals who you serve.

We are so grateful we have the opportunity to make a positive impact for you. Happy Customer Service week!

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