At CRS, we specialize in collaborating with insurance companies to offer temporary housing solutions for Policyholders whose homes have become uninhabitable due to events like fires, tornadoes, and other natural disasters.

We’re actively seeking property owners who are open to hosting short-term leases, typically spanning from 1 to 12 months. By entrusting your property to us for temporary use, you are not only securing a dependable source of income but are taking part as an essential role in helping families rebuild their lives.

Why Should You Consider Renting Your Property with CRS?

Reliable Income Stream

While you await a long-term tenant, opting for a short-term lease ensures a more consistent flow of rental income. After a family vacates your property, we seamlessly reintegrate it into our database for potential re-renting.

Minimized Vacancy Periods

Given the thousands of families relying on our services for relocation, the likelihood of renting your property is substantial.

No Expenses, No Hassles

Promoting your property in newspapers or online can be both costly and time-consuming. CRS offers a cost-free method for tenant placement through our exclusive Landlord Portal at

Qualified Tenants

Our target audience is comprised of homeowners with a proven track record of responsible homeownership. We streamline your rental process by connecting you with qualified applicants who are eager to meet your rental criteria.

Streamlined Business Transactions

We handle all facets of the moving process, including continuous property management, professional furniture delivery, and final move-out inspections. Additionally, we provide written notifications to facilitate month-to-month lease extensions or finalize lease terminations.

Ready to Submit Your Property?

If you’re interested in offering your property for consideration for a temporary housing lease, please visit our exclusive Landlord Portal at to access the property submission form. For direct inquiries, please contact us at 800.968.0848 or email us at

Please note that CRS cannot guarantee the use of your property, as selections depend on the proximity of the damaged property, which varies greatly.

Want to know more?

Contact us or go to our FAQ page for more details.

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