At the Heart of CRS; Our Volunteers

Group Photo at Volunteer Event Dec 2023
Group Photo Sojourner Center - 1
Group Photo Sojourner Center - 2

Our volunteers are at the very heart of CRS. Throughout the years, members of our team have spent one or more days a month volunteering in the community to bring a little good back to the world. Individually, we can make a difference, but together, we can make a whole wave of change. Proof of this is in the sheer impact and determination those at CRS (and some extended family members!) continuously strive for.

Volunteer Recognition Day

While Volunteer Recognition Day is the 20th of this month, we recognize the powerful impact our volunteers maintain at every instance possible and share our utmost gratitude and appreciation for their dedication of time and effort to upholding our community and helping those in need.

Group Photo Four Paws Event Mutt Strut
One Individual Getting Dog Kisses
One Individual Walking a Dog
Two Individuals Walking a Dog
Two Individuals Sitting with Two Dogs
One Individual Giving a Dog Belly Rubs

Team CRS in Action; From Paws to Presents

From participating in caring and walking shelter dogs, to serving meals, filling food boxes, organizing clothing and items to be distributed at shelters, and preparing holiday gifts for children, our volunteers have done a world of good in a world that desperately needs a compassionate hand.

Our community at CRS is full of heroes who make a difference daily — and our volunteers are a tremendous part of those contributions.

Thank you for all you do everyone, we truly cannot express just how much it means that you step up and do the absolute most, not just in your role at work, but in a community who truly needs kindness and helping hands. You are all a gift that we are incredibly thankful for!

Group Photo Foster Alliance
Group Photo Foster Alliance
Individuals Volunteering Foster Alliance
Group Photo Presents for Kids
Individual Holding up Present Foster Alliance
Group Photo Foster Alliance
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