Emergency Hotels

No matter when or where, CRS is available to help you with your hotel needs. We have many resources at our disposal, and we have the flexibility to locate suitable accommodations to suit your needs. We will secure the room and arrange payment of the room and taxes on your behalf. We will work closely with all parties involved for proper placement and necessary expansions.

Long-Term Housing

We use countless resources to meet the specific criteria of insurance companies and policyholders. We are not limited to specific properties. CRS offers furniture, housewares and appliance rentals to ensure you have everything you need. We also facilitate additional services such as medical equipment, pet boarding and other special requests to make the transition to temporary housing as smooth as possible. Our number one goal for placement is to stay within the guidelines and meet the needs of our insurance clients.

Pet Boarding

To ensure that all family members are taken care of, we offer pet boarding as an additional service for your policyholders. We want to help your policyholders in any way we can, ensuring that even the furry members of the family have daily enrichment.

Adjuster Relocation

Whether it's a catastrophe, temporary or permanent relocation, CRS is here for you. We will help you find any type of accommodation you need.


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