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CEO Chris Hunter Recognized as Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2020 by CEO Magazine

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 15th September 2020 | Comment(s)

Helping Rebuild Lives Chris Hunter was recruited to be the CEO of CRS Temporary Housing in 2016. He accepted the challenge to achieve strategic growth for the company by leveraging Its expertise in l [...]

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#10SecondTuesday – Make an Evacuation Plan

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 05th August 2020 | Comment(s)

   It's #10SecondTuesday! This week - Make an Evacuation Plan . . . Top Planning Sites:   Department of Homeland Security @homela [...]

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#10SecondTuesday – Take a FREE Online Class

Take a FREE Online Class

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 07th July 2020 | Comment(s)

   It's #10SecondTuesday! This week - Take a FREE Online Class . . . Top Online Sites:   Class Central @ClassCentral   Coursera @cou [...]

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#10SecondTuesday – Make a Home Inventory

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 23rd June 2020 | Comment(s)

   It's #10SecondTuesday! This week - Make a Home Inventory! . . . Top Home Inventory Apps:   Sortly iOS and Android, free @SortlyApp   MyStuff2 Pro iOS, [...]

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Summer Safety Tips – Top Activities

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 21st June 2020 | Comment(s)

With summer in full swing, we're beginning the process of getting back to a new normal. While no one knows for sure what that will look like, there are still plenty of fun activities for the whole fam [...]

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#10SecondTuesday – Stay Connected

10 Second Tuesday

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 09th June 2020 | Comment(s)

   It's #10SecondTuesday! This week - Stay Connected! . . . Top Videochat Apps:   House Party   Zoom @zoomvideocommunications @zoom_us www.zoom. [...]

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#10SecondTuesday – Start a Vlog or Podcast

Written by: Kristin Nilsson, | 27th May 2020 | Comment(s)

   It's #10SecondTuesday! Start a Vlog or Podcast! . . . Top E-Book Apps: Amazon @Kindle @Nook https://www [...]

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#10SecondTuesday – Finish that Book

Written by: Admin, | 12th May 2020 | Comment(s)

   It's #10SecondTuesday! This week - Finish that Book! . . . Top E-Book Apps: Amazon @Kindle @Nook https: [...]

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#10SecondTuesday – Upgrade Your Work From Home Space

Written by: Admin, | 05th May 2020 | Comment(s)

     It's #10SecondTuesday! This week - #Upgrade your #workfromhome space . . . Free #TaskManagement Apps: Wunderlist Todoist https://todo [...]

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We Are CRS

Written by: Admin, | 01st May 2020 | Comment(s)

     From our homes to yours.   We're all in this together!  #StaySafe #StayHealthy #StayConnected . . . Video Credits: --------------------------------------------- [...]

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