The Man, the Myth, the Legend:
11 years with Anthony McKinney

As a seasoned CRS National Sales Manager for more than 11 years, we have to remain consistently high performing with our role and responsibilities, a great part of which has been generating and developing new business relationships with major insurance carriers. I’ve upheld our values as a collaborative team player, having a compassionate customer focus mindset, being an accountable individual as well as with others, and being an innovative and continuous learner.

During my time here, I was selected, along with many other employees to participate in the development of our Mission, Vision, and Values. This process had a truly lasting impact upon me. Under Chris Hunter’s leadership, we were tasked with collaborating with each other in creating the CRS Mission, Vision, and Values. It was a profoundly fulfilling experience.

I’m proud to share that my career here at CRS has been filled with tremendous growth and many significant achievements. To name a few, the pilot programs being selected through participating within RFPs, the meetings and strategy sessions that evolved into CRS being awarded with business, the selection of Award of Business from 6 of the 8 target insurance carriers are some of my most noteworthy accomplishments.

I have watched CRS grow significantly in the years that have gone by. From 2011 when I started here and we had less than 100 employees, to today when we have well over 300! It’s been such an incredible journey.

Something truly valuable I’ve learned in this wonderfully challenging industry we work in, is to understand that every day you will be tested and you have to reply upon your retained skillset. VUCA—always be prepared for the unexpected!

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