From Temp to Twenty!

Nothing makes us happier than to celebrate our talented and dedicated employees, and this month, we are proud to congratulate Jessica Jensen on her 20 year anniversary.

Here’s a few words from Jessica on her two decades with CRS:

Back in 2001, I transitioned from retail life because “Retail = No Life”.

CRS used to be on the 8th floor and I had my first interview in the kitchen. I’ll never forget getting the call, letting me know I was hired to be the temp receptionist!

I was known as “happy bubbles” which was a name given to me by a policyholder. He said, “every time you pick up the phone, you’re so happy”. CRS had three offices during that time. One in Chicago, the Corp office was in Carlsbad, CA, and our AZ office. I did a little of everything and one task I remember is the 1st of the month filing every single check stub for rent on the left side of the file for the PH. I would hop around from desk to desk ensuring the phones were picked and we would all laugh. From there, I applied for every position that opened up and went from customer service, senior customer service rep, area specialists, housing coordinator, regional manager, national account manager, and currently National Sales Manager.


Reflecting over the last 20 years, I have so many wonderful memories and ones that have made me a stronger individual both in my personal life and in my career.

When there would be rough patches, I would say “it’s o.k.” and share with my team “put your shield on”. It was a way I shared with the team to not allow things to get to you.  As we know, we are dealing with crisis each and every day. CRS has and continues to hold on to the things which make our company unique. I’m honored to be part of CRS and celebrate with you all the last 20 years. If you asked what my most favorite memory is, it would be when Kim (former CRS President) asked us all to go into the conference room and little did we know have a marshmallow fight and seeing marshmallows flying around everywhere. Seeing the company when I started and celebrating 200 move in’s to where we are today, is absolutely amazing. 

We work for an incredible company and provide such a wonderful service to those in need. I’m blessed to have CRS as part of my life in so many ways.

Cheers to 20 years Jessica!

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