As March Marches in, it’s Time to Prepare for Tornado Season

If you live in part of the country that sees frequent tornadoes, take these few steps to better prepare yourself and your family. Meteorological spring began Friday, March 1, kicking off a series of months that has a reputation for producing a variety of extreme weather, including major snowstorms, large tornado outbreaks and serious flooding.

With the recent tornadic activity in the South, we want our subscribers in that area to be educated on how to be ready for these damaging storms.

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This handy tool will tell you how to prepare now, what to do when a tornado is present and how to be safe after it has passed. Don’t delay, take an active role in your safety!

March to May

The area where there is a higher risk for tornadoes in spring shifts from the Deep South in March toward the Plains and Midwest from April into May. And although March averages the fewest tornadoes in spring, with 77 per year, it’s still the best time to prepare.

There are five main reasons why Spring is the most dynamic, and dangerous weather season:

1 – Spring is still a snowy time of year
2 – Peak tornado season arrives
3 – Spring flooding
4 – Temperature swings
5 – A windy time of year

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