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So many choices at Thanksgiving, what’s your favorite ______________ ?

This November we’re showcasing our dedicated employees in a 3-part video series about Thanksgiving. These video volunteers were asked a few questions on camera, without knowing the questions prior to being filmed. We get to see their honest and candid reactions, and we’re sharing them with you!

Let’s start here...

What is your favorite Thanksgiving ____________ ?

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Fall’s transformation is here, how will you change?

The first day of fall is Friday, September 22

As the leaves begin to fall and the heat of summer fades, we naturally begin to think about how we need to prepare for the changing season. Do we start to replace summer clothes for sweaters, pants, and boots? Is it time to think about putting down the storm windows? When do we move the shovel and salt closer to the garage door?

These are all great questions and items on many people’s lists. But how else can we better prepare ourselves for what else might be coming next?


Disasters don’t plan ahead, but you can

As we prepare for fall, we also come to the end of National Preparedness Month (September 2017). We hope that you have thoughtfully taken steps to prepare yourself, your family and your home for potential natural disasters and national emergencies. With the devastation we’ve recently seen with Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma, and the recent earthquakes in Mexico, we know that disaster can strike at any time and any where.

Here’s a checklist to help guide you in making a plan for you and your family:


The importance of property insurance

Homeowners insurance not only protects your home, which may very well be your largest investment, but gives you a sense of security. The general assumption is that whatever happens to your home is covered. In actuality, typical perils (causes of property destruction) that are generally not covered are flood damage, earthquake, mold, acts of war and parts of the property in disrepair (including worn-out plumbing, electrical wiring, air conditioners, heating units and roofing). A few of these can be added as separate policies.

Educate yourself on what your policy does and, more importantly, does not cover.


Home health

It’s also important to consider your home and how to prepare it for the upcoming colder seasons. Here’s a helpful Home Fall Checklist from our friends at Better Homes & Gardens:

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This week we asked our some of our employees some very important questions related to Thanksgiving. Check out the videos to see their responses! Best Part of Thanksgiving - answered by Chris H., Mel V.  and Lizz L. What Are Your Thanksgiving Day Traditions? - answered by Alicia R., Greg D. and Charessa L. Thanksgiving Would You Rather - Dennis A., Kyla P., Shelly B. and Nancy S. NFL Thanksgiving Game Day Picks - Vince S., Alisha J. and Gabe S.
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Would You Rather : Thanksgiving Edition

  For Thanksgiving we thought we'd play a fun game of Would You Rather with employees Dennis, Shelly, Kyla and Nancy. Read below for a recap and watch the video on YouTube for their full answers.  

Round 1:

Would you rather have to cook the entire Thanksgiving meal or have to do all the cleaning and dishwashing by hand? 

Dennis, Shelly and Nancy would rather be in the kitchen cooking while Kyla would be on dish duty.

cooking winner

Cooking: 3 Cleaning: 1

Round 2:

Would you rather only be able to use cranberry sauce or only eat stuffing?

They were in agreement: stuffing>cranberry sauce

stuffing winner

Stuffing: 4 Cranberry Sauce: 0

Round 3: 

Would you rather sit next to your crying baby cousin or go without dessert?


This was a toss up, Kyla and Nancy couldn't go without dessert; while Dennis and Shelly would rather not sit next to a crying baby.

crying baby

Crying baby: 2 No Dessert: 2


Round 4

Would you rather get to lead the Thanksgiving Day Parade or eat Thanksgiving dinner with your favorite celebrity?

lead tg day paradeLeading the Thanksgiving Day parade would be awesome, but not as awesome as eating with your favorite celeb.

celeb dinner

Leading Thanksgiving Parade: 0 Eating with a Celeb: 4

Bonus Round: 

Would you rather go to a strangers Thanksgiving or have to watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" on repeat?

strangers TG or charlie brown

Dennis, Kyla and Shelly would rather show up to a rand-o's house to eat, while Nancy loves Charlie Brown.

strangers TG win

Strangers Thanksgiving: 3 Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: 1

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