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Save money shopping online, earn rewards.

Let's face it, we all shop online at some time or another. Imagine shopping online while saving money and earning rewards, and doing all of this without having to scour the internet for coupon codes or having multiple internet tabs open. I recently read an article where the author saved a lot of money on housewares and earned rewards by shopping for these items online. How did they do it? By adding a browser extension or browser add-on. By simply adding an add-on or extension to your favorite browser, you can get rewarded for the shopping that you already do.

What's a browser extension?

Browser extensions extend your web browser with additional features, modify web pages, and integrate your browser with the other services you use (Dropbox, Evernote, Pinterest, Password Keepers & many more). You might want a browser extension for a few different reasons. Like any other software, you should take precaution and be sure to utilize a trustworthy extension. Risks are present, although fairly minimal. Different browsers have different extension systems. Firefox has the most powerful. Chrome also has a decent extension system with one for almost anything that you would want to do. Safari has a smaller amount.  Internet Explorer and Opera may also have minimal options for extensions or add-ons.

Where to get em':

Chrome Browser : Chrome Web Store  |  FireFox Browser : Firefox Add-ons  | Safari Browser : Safari Extensions Now that we know how and where to find extensions, here are two great money saving & rewarding extensions that I've found and used personally. Honey and Wikibuy.

Here's a quick breakdown of how Honey and Wikibuy work their magic!


Honey refers to its rewards as 'Honey Gold'. Rewards can be redeemed at thousands of online stores ranging from Groupon to Macy's and much, much more. The website claims to partner with over 3,700 stores. I've earned cash from travel partners such as Expedia, on gifts from Harry & David and also in shipping at FedEx online! It took no time to build rewards and earn a gift card. The gift cards are just as great, I recently cashed in my rewards for a Target gift card. Other options include Walmart and Amazon, there's also the option to donate rewards to Charity Choice. To start saving, visit And add the extension to your browser to make saving even easier!  If you invite your friends and family you can also earn $5 in referral credits.


Wikibuy ( is a browser extension that will look for lower prices at sellers while you are shopping on Amazon. It will locate the product and provide accurate pricing including tax and shipping along with any coupons available. Wikibuy will also alert you if cashback is available at participating retailers. In addition to the browser extension, Wikibuy has an iOS app. Sorry Android, no app yet. This is a great feature if you are currently in temporary housing or moving and need to replace housewares and other home items. Ask your CRS representative how we can help you with your household items, furnishings and more. We're here to help through every step of the relocation process until you can get back home! Happy saving!!
Links: Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author(s) of this post do not necessarily reflect those of CRS Temporary Housing and is for informational purposes only. CRS Temporary Housing is not affiliated with Honey or WikiBuy. 
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Handle your temporary housing like a boss!


We are in the business of temporarily relocating homeowners, renters, and those in the insurance industry. We hope to make it a comfortable and seamless process; as long or as short as your stay may be. You’ve most likely found your way here or on to our site looking for answers, so here are 6 tips to help you get started with handling your temporary housing like a boss.  Trying to keep things simple, and find those services that can help make the transition a bit easier, is key to an enjoyable temporary situation. Let’s take a look at the tips!

Rent furnishings

Rather than feeling rushed into replacing your furnishings immediately or having to move all your furnishings from location to another, you have the option to rent quality furniture for your temporary stay. Say you must move again 3-6 months down the road, renting furniture can help you to avoid moving your furniture over again.

Opt for storage

Additionally, if you can manage to live with only the items you REALLY, TRULY need during relocation, you can put the rest in storage for safe-keeping. This will help limit the number of items you need to care for and keep track of. Less stuff means less clutter and more time to spend as a family.


Open a P.O. Box

Maintain consistent service of your mail by opening a P.O. box. Depending on location, this could be helpful or may not work out for you.  This will also help to ensure proper forwarding of your mail. You can apply online at or go to your local post office.

Tip: Pay your fees in advance and use a rewards credit card to collect points.


Make sure you unpack & organize

If you followed the advice and opted to keep most of your items in storage, you should still unpack and organize to make your temporary space FEEL more like home. Make it your own. There are many things you can do to add a special touch all your own, we listed a few in our post, Tips for the short term

Plan your meals

The extra $$ spent eating out may not seem to but will add up. Make sure you have the regular kitchen items that you may need, or find ways to improvise if items are not available to you. Rice cookers, Instant Pots, and Crockpots make great everyday meals. Pinterest is a great resource for recipes, most of which can be gathered in a matter of minutes for an entire week of meals -  I’ve done it!


Try some of these recipes:  Easy Orange Chicken  via Listotic |  Chicken Alfredo Tortellini  via Listotic |  5-Ingredient Steak Fajitas via Fit Slow Cooker Queen  |  Lazy Crock Pot Lasagna (Ravioli) via Spend with Pennies  |  Slow Cooker Lo Mein via Damn Delicious


Tip: Housewares can also be rented through a reputable furniture vendor along with temporary furnishings!


Close to home

Keep your temporary house close to home base. Think of all the places you frequent and would allow you to continue to keep your normal day-to-day schedules intact. Compromise on these thoughtfully. Although temporary, you will want minimal inconveniences and to keep commute times as close as possible to normal. In the event of a widespread disaster relocation event, this may be harder to achieve. Remain optimistic! A good temporary housing company can be creative with keeping people close to their home.


Did you find this post helpful? Check out Tips for the short term

  Sources: Recipes: SaveSave
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