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Our Uber & Uber Eats Partnership

Emergency situations can be stressful, but our silver lining is providing exceptional service and elevating convenience and comfort for everyone. We prioritize making processes stress-free on a daily basis for you and your policyholders, with no exceptions. Now, with our Uber partnership, we provide instant access to approved per diem for food and travel via Uber.

Let us do more for you.

Receipts All-in-One

Receipt management just got a whole lot better. With our streamlined invoicing process, costs are set on a discussion with your policyholder, and after receiving centralized receipts, you subtract the cost based on what you received and discussed prior with your policyholder.


Can the policyholder exceed their predetermined voucher amount?
The amount on their voucher is set by you, and cannot be exceeded. Any overages would need to be discussed with your policyholder to determine the best coverage options.

What’s the difference in what you already provide for us?
We’ve significantly reduced the time, money, and amount of receipts you will need to review. Consider you’re going from 100 receipts written on napkins to 1 itemized centralized report.

Your confidence in CRS is what allows us to find solutions to make your day-to-day that much easier.

  Receipts all-in-one

  Scalable billing and streamlined invoicing

  More time & money back to you

  Purchase restrictions as needed

  Customer support 24/7

Need to request temporary housing or hotel stays?

We’ve got you covered. Click here or contact us to find out you can receive all of the benefits of our Uber partnership. 

Visit our FAQ page for common questions and concerns.

Adjuster Portal


  • Speed up new housing applications, our new form requires minimal data entry.
  • View detailed claims information for hotel and housing placements from anywhere; desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Instant access to claims, invoices and statements summarizing all charges, payments and credits.
  • Request extensions for lodging and hotel stays.
  • Easily communicate with your CRS team regarding any particular housing placement with the live chat feature.
  • Disclaimer: the portal is secure, which guarantees the security of all information: all transactions are encrypted.
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