Winter Tires Worth the Investment

It was a good choice getting winter tires for your car, but don’t stop there. Here are 3 facts on winter tire upkeep:
1.Check tire pressure at least once a month throughout the winter season. The lower the temperature, the lower the tire pressure. The temperature drop affects the elasticity of the rubber in tires, reducing traction.

2. Be aware of your car’s alignment with the new winter tires. The tires have unique tread patterns and softer rubber that make them even more prone to unusual wear caused by worn parts or a misaligned suspension.

3. Measure your tires’ tread depth for optimal performance in snowy conditions. Remember to measure the tread depth in several different places on your tires. Inconsistent results could mean your tire has uneven wear, and a mechanical issue might be on your hands.

Winter tires today are designed for driving on snowy roads and able to adapt for cold, dry pavement, an important reason why winter tires are worth the expense – and the maintenance – even if there isn’t snow in your forecast.

Stay safe out there!

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