Winter is Coming!


Though a very lucky few don’t have to worry about it, for the majority it means lots of snow and ice is vastly approaching.
But don’t let the cold weather gets the best of you this season!
Here are some ideas for facing Old Man Winter and winning, even when it’s 10 below and miserable outside.

Hacks for Your Home:

  • If you plan to stay in one place for a while, curl up with an electric blanket to save energy.
  • Open the curtains when the sun is out. Even with external temps low, the sunlight will help your home stay warmer!
  • Use your oven as much as possible. When you finish cooking, open the oven door to take as much advantage of the heat as possible.
  • Utilize thick curtains to help keep heat in. If you don’t want to change the look of your room line your existing curtains with fleece or a shower curtain. You can place heavy curtains in front of your doors, too.
  • As long as the temperature is chilly, an outdoor fridge can keep food cold without plugging it in which can save on energy.
  • Use a hot water bottle to warm your bed before you get in it.
  • Turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees and layer up! You won’t notice the difference and you can save significantly on heating costs.
  • Turn down the setting on your hot water heater. You will still be able to take warm showers, wash clothes, etc., but you will save on your energy bills.
  • Use tin foil behind your radiator, space heater, or heating vents to reflect heat back into the house.

Hacks for Your Car:

  • If your car gets stuck in the snow, try putting kitty litter under the tires to gain some traction.
  • Clean the bottom of your car with a lawn sprinkler by placing it under it for 30 minutes on a warmer day.
  • Use your car’s floor mats to help you get traction if you get stuck and don’t have any other options.
  • Make your own winter windshield washer fluid from 2 quarts rubbing alcohol, 1 cup water, and 1 teaspoon dish detergent.
  • Spray your car windows with a 3:1 vinegar/water mixture. This will keep ice from forming on your windows (though you will still have to remove the snow).
  • Cover your windshield wipers with old socks so snow won’t stick to them. Cover your side mirrors with a freezer-sized ziplock bag, zipped as far as it will go. It will prevent ice from forming and you won’t have to remember to clean your mirrors.
  • Use a heat rub, like what you would rub on sore muscles, to help loosen a frozen lock.
  • Throw a piece of carpet or area rug over your windshield to keep off the ice and snow. Tuck it under the windshield wipers to hold it down, then toss it in your trunk when you’re ready to go. If you get stuck, you can also use it to help you get traction.
  • If you can’t find/don’t have an ice scraper use a hard kitchen spatula (not a metal one) or even a credit card to clean off windows.

Hacks for Your Look:

  • Organize scarves by storing them in a hanging shoe organizer.
  • Put sandwich bags on top of your socks for instant waterproofing.
  • Wear layers, and not just when you work out. Layers allow you to be as warm as you need to be, no matter how the external temperature changes.
  • Run a cheap razor over a pilly sweater to remove those gross bunches of fibers.
  • Wear running tights instead of long johns for a more efficient – they will hold in warmth quicker and longer.
  • Stop a run in your tights or stockings from worsening by spraying it with stronghold hairspray.
  • If your leather boots are salt-stained, wipe them off at the end of the day with a little bit of water mixed with vinegar.
  • Run a dryer sheet over your hair or clothing (like hats) to eliminate static.

Hacks for Your Self:

  • Before you put on eyeliner, hold the end of the pencil between two fingers for about 20 seconds. This will warm it enough for an easier application.
  • Keep your showers short and lukewarm. This will help keep your skin’s natural oils and give it less of an opportunity to dry out.
  • Wear cotton gloves over your hands after you moisturize. This will help lock the moisture into your skin.
  • Use a humidifier to help reduce the chance of nosebleeds and general discomfort from winter dryness.
  • Wear sunscreen. Even when it’s snowing. Just do it.
  • Get out in the natural light. It will boost your mood even if it seems gloomy. Or take some Vitamin D supplements.
  • Stay hydrated – even in the cold. Cold weather isn’t an excuse to ditch the water bottle.
  • Drink raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) daily in the fall and winter. It’s rich in potassium and healthy enzymes, and people swear by it for everything from weight loss to immune system benefits to pain relief to mental alertness. Remember to dilute ACV when you drink it because it’s really strong and you don’t want to harm your teeth or throat. Here’s a recipe you can use!

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