What is Hygge and why do you need it?

What exactly is hygge? The idea of Hygge (sounds like hoo-gah) is about the atmosphere in which you live. It’s a lifestyle that emphasizes the use of lighting and the experience of all things comfortable or cozy as well as being with those you love while living in hygge.


The word ‘hygge’ loosely translates to ‘coziness’. Hygge is common culture in Scandinavia and in the UK and has trended in the US more recently. Largely popular during the cold winters, Danes fought the winter blues with the warm glow from candles, cozy blankets and warm drinks. However, hygge lifestyle can be adapted and attained year round.


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Why do you need Hygge?

If you’ve been uprooted from the comforts of your own home, you may find yourself needing to create a home-like environment in your temporary residence. Or, maybe you need a little boost to get through the final months of winter.


The Danes know how to live. They have been found to live more comfortably and are overall more cheerful compared to the rest of us. Now let’s hygge your home:


What do you need to create Hygge?

Dedicate a room or area where you can bask in some warm lighting, read your favorite book, listen to some mood enhancing music or just enjoy the space for what it is.


Add some texture to your area with chunky blankets or throws, maybe you prefer a lighter or silkier fabric or use a mixture of both. Overwhelm the space with throw pillows, floor pillows etc.


Amp up your ambiance game with candles  or opt for the battery operated ones. Lighting is considered the ultimate and most instant way to Hygge.


Opt for a diffuser to bring in a subtle and homelike scent using essential oils. Your candles can also be multipurpose for both lighting and scent. Tip: Try something with musk, vanilla, and amber or comforting food-based aromas.


If your sharing your space with others, prepare and share a meal with them too. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Make  some ultimate grilled cheese sandwiches or bake some delicious cookies and enjoy them with some “cocoa by candlelight”.


Turn off all phone notifications to enjoy some time in your space.


Try this Hygge playlist on Spotify:


A cozy read to learn more about Hygge:

The Little Book of Hygge

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