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There may be a number of reasons causing you to move out of your home into a temporary location.

If the move comes from loss of use of your home and involves you having to file a claim with your insurance company, your insurance provider may opt for assistance from a company like CRS Temporary Housing to get you into a home as quickly as possible.

This may mean staying a few nights at a hotel nearby until a proper home is located.

A temporary space, should still be comfortable for you and your family. Keep in mind your lifestyle and the importance of having items like a washer and dryer or a fenced in back yard for the dog, distances from both school and work and specific neighborhood details or any other needs that would allow you to continue to keep your normal day-to-day schedules intact. Compromise on these thoughtfully.

What happens next? Your temporary home is located and has been accepted by both you and your insurance company, you have worked with someone on the lease, secured the property with deposits and acquired keys. Time to move in!

After you move in, add some ‘home like’ touches. Use a familiar fragrance, maybe a signature diffuser scent or spray. Put up family photos or children’s artwork. Add curtains. Bring in a low maintenance potted or hanging plant. Place a new welcome mat by the entry. There are many décor items and inexpensive DIY alterations that you can add easily and take home with you.

A temporary living situation may not be ideal, so look to those assisting you with your arrangements to guide you along in the process. This may help to relieve some of the stress and allow you to be able to adjust to your surroundings. Be able to cut yourself some slack, temporary living situations call for temporary solutions. Keep meals simple and enjoy time with family and loved ones as you get through this temporary phase in your life.

In the event that you may need to use your policy for an insured loss, Geico® More quickly lays out what you need to know about your homeowners insurance coverage in their blog post on Dealing with temporary relocation.



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