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After a home fire, once the flames are put out and damages are assessed, a family is left to pick up the pieces. Beyond statistics, each home fire has a story. The continual effects of how homeowners cope with loss on different levels, firefighters with career-altering injuries, burn survivors who are forever changed; these stories are often not heavily shared in the news.

The National Fire Protection Association presents, The Survivors, a multi-part podcast showcasing the lifelong toll that fire has taken on a family and the people responsible for burn treatment and recovery in America.



Every day seven people die from home fires in the U.S., and another 13,000 are injured each year. These statistics, while important, are only a small piece of America’s complex home fire problem. 

Keep in mind these 10 tips to keep your home safe from a fire.

  • Take fire safety seriously.
  • Create your “Family Escape Plan.” Include two exit routes from every room, and a safe meeting place outside your home.
  • Practice your escape plan several times a year, allow your children to practice by themselves so they are sure of what to do in case of a fire.
  • Keep your home fire-safe.
  • Install smoke detectors!
  • Change smoke detector batteries twice a year!
  • Know the sound! The quicker you recognize that sound, the quicker you can react if ever there’s a fire.
  • Be aware of any safety hazards in the home. Too many items plugged into one outlet, a worn electrical cord; these are just a couple of examples of fire hazards within the home.
  • Be careful when cooking. Make sure that young children never cook without proper supervision. Keep cooking surfaces clean to avoid grease fires. Kitchens are one of the most common places for a house fire to start.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher readily available. The best location is typically inside a door or entrance, out of the reach of children. Know how to use it.


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Produced by the National Fire Protection Association in cooperation with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. Read more here.

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