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#10SecondTuesday – Learn a New Language



Top Apps for Learning a New Language:

1. Duolingo
2. Memrise
3. Babbel 
4. Busuu
5. HelloTalk

Sources: -, 2020

Video Credits:

Storyblocks Video -

Music Credits:

Damage (Instrumental Version) by Vince Yara -

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Top 5 Causes of Electrical Fires


It's Electrical Safety Awareness Month! Here at CRS we are listing the Top 5 Causes of Electrical Home Fires. Hopefully, with this knowledge, you can take away some tips to help keep your own household safe and flame-free.


Download List



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How to Make A Tornado Safety Kit!

  It's Tornado Season - whether we like it or not! While we might not be able to change that fact, we can be prepared for it. Tornados are one of the most damaging weather events during the spring. The average number of touch-down tornados in the country are 187 in April and 275 in May. From us here at CRS, here's a quick how-to video showing our version of an easy and affordable Tornado Safety Kit you can make for your household.  

Download Kit

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Video – What are your 2019 goals?

How are those 2019 resolutions coming?

Were you able to keep up with your original goals, or are you already on "Take 3" of your #NewYearNewMe lifestyle?

Maybe you've decided to try doing more or less of something this year? Maybe you've decided to start doing Yoga on the weekends and stop staying up so late during the weekday. Maybe you've decided to give yourself a word or phrase to set the tone of your 2019.

Well if any of these apply to you, trust me - you're not alone.

We here in Marketing followed up with our Relationship Managers to see how their first month of the New Year has been going goal wise. These are their honest, hilarious, and unfiltered answers.

Hopefully you'll find more than a few topics (and fumbles) that you can relate to.


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