A Resolution for You, A Home Inventory.


Tonight we ring in a New Year. For some of us, this comes with committing to a resolution or two. There is much time and effort spent on resolutions of varying aspects in our lives, relationships and careers.

What about for our home?

As we were discussing resolutions here at CRS, we stumbled across a great article from HomeInsurance.com. Simply put, giving yourself a gift that would benefit throughout the year and beyond— A Home Inventory. You can read the article here: https://homeinsurance.com/blog/2014/12/28/christmas-aftermath-your-home-inventory/.

Committing to do a home inventory as a New Year’s Resolution will be of major help to you if your home and possessions end up damaged in a fire, or other disaster. Having a home inventory can speed up the claims process with your insurer and possibly expedite reimbursements for your losses. It will also help in ensuring you have enough contents coverage in your homeowners policy.

Take the time in the next few days to tackle the inventory, if you ever have to file a claim you’ll be glad that you did.

Where should you start?

– Refer to our post “A Handy List of 8 Home Inventory Apps” http://wp.me/ptjbK-jw

Feel free to share any home inventory tips with us in the comments. Happy New Year from all of us at CRS Temporary Housing! 


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