Stress & Traumatic Stress Workshop

pexels-photo-133021Recently, we had a special guest visit us here in the office. Dr. Raymond D. Shelton, Ph.D, F.A.A.E.T.S., who is an expert on the stress of emergency response work. Dr. Shelton spent his day with us discussing ways to manage stress and traumatic stress and the impact they can have on health, performance, customer care and how to build connections in the face of a stressful event.

Dr. Raymond D. Shelton is an author, consultant, international conference presenter, workshop and seminar leader. He has been a member of the Emergency Service community for 40 years, serving as a fire fighter and EMS educator. He develops programs in the hospital, corporate, government, mental health, religious and emergency service communities to safely and effectively manage the stress of crisis and catastrophe. Some of the companies he has consulted with, interviewed or trained include:

American Red Cross
International Critical Incident Stress Foundation
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
MetLife Insurance Company
Nassau County Fire Service
Nassau County Police
Nassau County Health Department
State Farm Insurance Company

To see the full list and to read more about Dr. Raymond Shelton and the work he has done, visit:

As an inspiring coach and mentor, we appreciate the time Dr. Shelton shared with us and look forward to seeing him at future events and in our office again.

Key takeaway: Remember that symptoms of stress and traumatic stress are normal, esp. if one has experienced a powerful negative event. Understand that under times of great distress  “it is OK to not be OK.”


National Center for Crisis Management –

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