Manage mischief on Halloween


Being scared and getting pranked are some of the best parts of Halloween. (Obviously costumes and candy are at the top of the list as well!) But, let’s face it, there are some neighborhood troublemakers whose tricks are not “fun for all”.

To avoid living out a real-life horror story of damages and insurance claims, follow these tips to ensure your home and friendly ghouls are protected.

#1 Keep your porch lights on

Keep your exterior and interior lights that are visible through the front windows on all night. This will make it appear like someone is home or awake (even if you’re not) and discourage pranksters from vandalizing your property.

#2 Install motion sensor lights

Most vandalism happens at night when it’s dark because the culprits think they are less likely to get caught. Motion sensor lights will expose the ruffian and have them thinking twice about whether your house is worth the trouble.

#3 Sit outside during trick-or-treating

Instead of waiting inside for the doorbell to ring, get outside and greet trick-or-treaters, and neighbors on the porch. It’s a good way to meet people if you’re new to the neighborhood while letting mischief makers know you’re home.

#4 Bring in toys, lawn equipment and decorations

Protect your belongings from being stolen on Halloween by putting them inside your home or shed before calling it a night. If you want to leave your Halloween decor out all night, we suggest using less expensive decorations that you won’t miss and to bring in your jack-o-lantern to avoid cleaning up pumpkin parts on November 1st.

#5 Temporarily remove your mailbox or tape mail slots shut

Remember the scene of the movie Dazed and Confused where the kids are using mailboxes as batting practice while driving around? Even though that was just a movie, it’s something that could happen; especially on Mischief Night. Other things troublemakers love to do with mail slots and boxes include stuffing with rotten food (yuck), smoke bombs and graffiti.

#6 Use flameless candles

A jack-o’-lantern easily can be kicked over, either on purpose or by accident. Minimize fire risk by using flameless candles rather than that real deal wax variety.

#7 Safeguard your car

Did you know that vehicles are twice as likely to be vandalized on Halloween than on an average day? Avoid having your car potentially damaged by egg or an unwanted paint job by parking in the garage. If you don’t have a garage, consider moving your car to a neighbors or friends. Another alternative would be to purchase a car cover.

#8 Add security cameras

If your neighborhood hooligans aren’t deterred by the look of security cameras, they’ll definitely be caught in the act that you can report to the police. The market is flooded with quality night-vision cameras that enables you to live stream security footage to your Android,iOS smartphone or tablet so that you can easily report any delinquent behavior.

#9 Know your coverage

Vandalism and property damage are just scary Halloween insurance concerns. You also have to consider the possibility of trick-or-treaters getting hurt on your property, accidents caused by decorations or other holiday accouterments. You can read the full list from Moneytips of the most common Halloween events that might result in an insurance claim.


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