Lightning Safety Week


The official start of summer is also the start of peak lightning season, one of the deadliest weather phenomena’s. In the United States, an average of 53 people are killed each year by lightning, and hundreds more are severely injured. June 23rd-29th is Lightning Safety Week; here are some tips from the NOAA to keep you and loved ones safe this summer.

“When thunder roars, go indoors!” – The National Weather Service

  • No place outside is safe during a storm, head indoors
  • Stay inside for at least 30 minutes after you last hear thunder
  • Stay off computers and any electrical device with a cord that will put you in direct contact with electricity.
  • Avoid plumbing, sinks, baths and faucets
  • Stay away from windows, doors and stay off of porches

If you are outside and cannot find shelter remember:

  • Stay off of elevated ground like hills and mountains
  • Never lie flat on the ground
  • Never seek shelter under an isolated tree
  • Stay away from any body of water such as lakes or ponds

For more safety tips check out the National Weather Service


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