It’s The season!


'Tis the season
Photo credit, Vince Salazar


Written by CRS employee, Vince Salazar


We have a time to reflect upon our year,

And be glad for the love along the way.

We can rejoice together in good health,

And we can toast to the amazing souls

that have found their way to heaven this year.

We can cherish the joy in children’s eyes.

And now we can give thanks and appreciate

the gift of life. <3

Christmas gift suggestions:

To your enemy, forgiveness.

To an opponent, tolerance.

To a friend, your heart.

To a customer, extraordinary service.

To all, loving charity.

To every child, a good example.

To yourself, respect. <3



The holiday season is a perfect time

to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways

to make life better for those around us.

Loving the season of love ~ <3


holly jolly christmas
Photo credit, Vince Salazar


This is my Christmas wish for you:

Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes,

rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips,

sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag,

beauty for your eyes to see, friendship to brighten your being,

faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt,

courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth,

and Love to complete your life. <3


and finally ~



Christmas  .  .  .


A season of blessings from heaven above,

A season of sharing with all those we love,

A season of caring, warmth and good cheer,

A season of hope for the coming New Year! <3


-Vince Salazar


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