Hot Dog! August 26th is National Dog Day.

But you knew that, right? Most likely not. Of the 10 or so people I mentioned it to today, I was the only one in the know. So, now you know and can share your wisdom with others.

Happy National Dog Day from the CRS Marketing Team’s precious pups.

Also sharing the date of August 26th is:

   National Webmistress Day

   National Women’s Equality Day

   National Cherry Popsicle Day (for real!)

Have you ever noticed when you’re at a gathering at someone’s house, that the family dog will gravitate to the person who is either allergic or has a serious dislike man’s best friend? I witnessed this first hand just the other night at book club.

The host’s fantastic Siberian Husky, Nala, made multiple attempts at being petted, or even acknowledged by Laura. A cold nose to the back of her arm, a soft “wooo wooo” to get her attention, Nala was adorably persistent. Not willing to give up and after about an hour, Nala finally managed to break through Laura’s security wall and make her one of the pack. Once Laura felt comfortable enough to give it a try, she gave Nala a few strokes to the chin, and Nala was instantly in love.

Approximately 37-47% of all households in the United States have a dog. They give us unconditional love every day. We love our dogs and do our very best to keep them healthy and happy. But, our dogs, try as they might, can’t speak to us and tell us what they are feeling. We must pay attention to their body language and actions to try and figure out what’s going on. A wag of the tail, sure that’s easy. A quick bark while standing near the treat jar, yup, we’ve got that one too. What about when they eat grass or hide in the closet during a thunderstorm?

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