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In January, roofing was at the top of our list for home maintenance in the form of New Year’s resolutions: here. 6 months later, let’s take a deeper look into roofing and maintenance. Storm season is presently in full effect nationwide and damaged shingles and roof leaks can be of big concern. To avoid filing a claim or having to replace your roof, you should inspect it yearly to keep expensive repairs at bay.

Using a ladder work your way around your roof, or you can just as easily use binoculars to assess your roof from ground level. Refrain form walking on the roof, this will keep you safe and potentially avoid additional damages. Houselogic shares insights on how to properly inspect your roof for damage and offers tips on maintenance. Also, check out our additional links at the bottom of this post for further reading.

Inspect your roof for:

Clogged gutters
Overhanging branches
Accumulation of leaves
Moss buildup

Roof problems to look for:

Cracked caulk or rust spots on flashing
Shingles that are buckling, curling or blistering
Missing or broken shingles
Cracked and worn rubber boots around vent pipes
Missing or damaged chimney cap
Masses of moss/lichen, which may indicate roof decay (Black algae stains are just cosmetic)
Colored grit from asphalt roof tiles in the gutters

Easy fixes for roofing problems:

  • Hammer any loose nails to set shingles back into place.
  • Replace shingles and caulk flashing yourself, Cost: $24 for a bundle of shingles, $6 for roofing caulk.
  • Reseal flashing around chimneys, skylights and attic vents. However, if there is any rust or deterioration on flashing or vent boots they should be replaced.

Professional roof repair costs:
Some costs for common repairs include:

  • A few broken or missing shingles: $100-$150.
  • Large repairs (10-by-10-foot section of roofing): $100-$350 asphalt; $200-$1,000 wood.
  • Replacing flashing or boots around chimneys, skylights, and vents: $300-$500.
  • Repairing flashing in valleys: $15-$25 per running foot.

Replacing Your Roof:
If your asphalt roof is 15 years old or more, it may be due for replacement. The national average cost for a new asphalt shingle roof is $18,913, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost vs. Value Report.


Once you’ve spent the money to replace your home’s roof, keep these tips in mind for simple maintenance to get the most out of it:

  • Inspect annually
  • Trim branches 10 ft away from your roof
  • Remove leaves with a rake or with water from the hose
  • Clean gutters twice a year
  • Get rid of moss with moss-killer granules made for roofs


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Inspecting Your Roof to Get Ahead of Problems

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