Halloween Safety for Your Home

Halloween decorations and haunted houses can be a ghoulish good time, but nothing is scarier than having an accident happen. Prepare your home for those zombies and princesses to have a safe and scary good time with these simple tips.

  1. Trick-or-treat safely. Remind trick-or-treaters to walk not run in between houses and through yards. Be sure to keep your yard, driveway, and doorway clear to avoid any mishaps.
  2. The right light. Use battery operated lights such as tea lights instead of candles to avoid fires. For indoors, make sure to keep flammable materials away from open flames.
  3. Clear a path. Spooky yard decorations are fun, but make sure that there is still a well-lit path to the doorway. Obstructions can cause accidents and injuries to young children and adults.
  4. Confine your pet. The constant excitement of young children coming to the front door is sometimes too much for some pets. Cats can dart out the door, dogs might mistake trick-or-treaters for intruders and attack. Avoid a pet mishap by make sure that they are kept in a separate room or kennel.
  5. Check your homeowners’ coverage. Opening your home to visitors can expose you to potential insurance claims and lawsuits. Also, vandalism and robberies are at an all-time high on Halloween night. Make sure that you’re covered for any incident that could occur.




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