Get a good night’s sleep in a hotel room

It can be difficult to sleep in unfamiliar territory. Especially when an unexpected event has brought you into a hotel for a temporary night’s stay. The same can be said for those traveling on business.

Here are a few things you can do to create an environment to ensure you get a good night’s sleep:


  • If you or anyone in your family are light sleepers, request a quiet room if at all possible. One away from high traffic areas (elevators, vending machines, pool).
  • If possible, bring pillows from home along with you. Or ask the hotel staff for additional pillows.
  • Adjust the temperature of your room immediately when you arrive. Some studies have shown that the optimal sleeping temperature is between 60 – 68 degrees.
  • Control light in the hotel room or pack an eye mask. Use clothespins or clips on the curtains minimize outdoor light, cover any lighting from electronic devices, coming in from the hall, etc.
  • On that same note, cut out all distractions from the TV, phone or devices while preparing for bed. Unless you plan to use any as white noise.
  • A room spray with a lavender scent can help create a better environment for sleep.
  • If you are with your family or children, you may want to bring in additional blankets, stuffed animals or anything else that may be of comfort to you or your children.

Do your best to anticipate what conditions you will be sleeping in ahead of time, then plan or pack accordingly. You might not be able to cut out all sleep disturbances such as noise and bright lights, but being well prepared can help you reduce them and get a good night’s sleep.

For the importance of sleep in your work life and business travel, we found this great article on Carrier Management worth a read; ‘Good Sleep Helps You and Your Company Perform Better: McKinsey & Co.’ Read it here.



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