Fall is around the corner, get your house ready.

house-tress-comboThe first day of Fall, September 22, is just over one month away. Before the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to make sure that your house is ready for the next season. Here’s a few fall home maintenance tips to keep in mind during the dropping temperatures.


Check your furnace

Since your furnace has been vacationing for a few months, turn it on and make sure that it is working properly. Hiring a professional to come out and take a look can help to make sure that you do not have any serious issues to deal with throughout the season. Change the furnace filter regularly if you have forced-air heating.


Clean your fireplace

Hire a professional to come out and clean out your chimney and fireplace. Built up soot can easily start a dangerous fire in your house the first time you try and light a fire this fall.


Replace batteries

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors save lives every single year. Don’t go into winter with dead batteries or an improperly working smoke or CO detector.


Check your seals

Take a look at all the weather stripping around all your doors and windows. If you find any missing or damaged weather stripping, get it fixed as soon as possible. Any gaps in the seals can lead to much higher energy bills as you try to keep your house warm.


Clean out your gutters

Take the time to thoroughly clean out your rain gutters. Any leaves and debris that is clogging your gutters can easily cause water to back up, and potentially freeze, causing serious damage to your roof or walls.


Review your Homeowners Insurance

The change in seasons is also the perfect time to look over your home insurance policy to make sure that you have the right amount of coverage.


Take notice of your walkways

Are you noticing that the days are getting shorter? Check to make sure you have appropriate outdoor lighting to help prevent accidents for you and your visitors. Do you have any cracks or crumbling areas that need repaired?


Shovels, snow blowers and salt

Make sure your snow shovels, snow blower and ice scrapers (for the car) are in good working order. Have a bag of salt in an easy-to-reach location.


General cleanup

Rid your home of accumulations of old newspapers and leftover hazardous household chemicals. (Check with your state or local Environmental Protection Agency about the proper way to discard dangerous chemicals.) Store flammable materials and poisons in approved, clearly labeled containers. Keep a clear space around heaters, furnaces, and other heat-producing appliances.





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