Employee Spotlight: Meet Tess

At CRS we work hard to provide the best customer service we can to our displaced families, after all, what could be more difficult than being out of your home? We love hearing back from those who are happy with our service, but it’s not everyday we receive two letters of such sincere gratitude, let alone for one employee!

Meet Tess, a Property Specialist here at CRS. When we got word of the responses she was getting from our customers, we knew we had to share her hard work! Tess is an asset to our company and she clearly goes above and beyond the call of duty to take the best care of everyone she encounters.

We’re singing your praises from the rooftop Tess and we’re not alone! Here’s what our families are saying about her excellent customer service.

     “I just wanted to take a moment to brag about Mrs. Tess Ulloa. She has been working so hard for us and keeping me update frequently with updates (even if it is to tell me that she doesn’t have any new news). She expresses so much concern and caring for our situation. She has said many times that she is here for me if I just want to vent or cry or anything else. Her voice is very reassuring and she is very professional. It means so much to know that we have someone like Tess helping us during this time. This email, in no way, expresses my full gratitude to Tess. I hope that you will recognize her efforts and praise her for doing a job well done.”

Amanda O. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


     “Recently I have been displaced from my home due to a flood, which has made it necessary to temporarily relocate. Of course it has been difficult, with one exception.

That exception would be CRS.

Once you were advised of my need to find temporary housing, I was immediately contacted by Ms. Tess Ulloa. It felt as though, and it appeared as if most of my world had collapsed in all around me. And then finally I found a gentle ear, a compassionate concerned person who went all out to help me find some comfort. Even though I was uncertain as to how and when I could make the move from 5 weeks of ” Motel Hell ” to the beautiful and comfortable 2 BR 2 BA apartment which I am now in, which is perfectly located only 1 mile from my job. To her credit and my relief, Ms. Ulloa stuck with me all the way.

Further more I would like you to know that Tess went way beyond the call of duty.

Knowing and understanding my situation she was obviously concerned and checked up on me regularly, not only to follow up on potential living arrangements, but simply to see how I was doing and to see if there was anything she could do to further assist me.

Not only has she cut my daily commute from 80 miles down to only two miles, but this new location is extremely convenient for me to travel.

Tess’s kindness and understanding along with her expert advice and knowledge of her job has been nothing short of a miracle to me. She effectively shed what seemed to be an insurmountable weight from my shoulders, and has made the best of a very difficult and stressful experience for me. I would ask that she be recognized for her due diligence and extraordinary efforts to help this senior citizen through a very difficult period.

 In closing, where it seems like on most levels customer service has all but vanished in today’s business and corporate world, you should be very proud of your team and how they have represented your company in such a professional manner.

Please extend my heartfelt thanks to Tess and to all of your staff.”

Dennis E., Ft. Worth, Texas

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