The CRS quality of service goes a long way.

No one expects their home to ever be damaged to the point where it cannot be lived in, let alone destroyed by a falling tree. We helped a family just last week who experienced this unexpected, unfortunate circumstance. With the steadfast help from our staff, not only was a home found to accommodate this family’s need for a short-term one month lease in their area, but the home will also accommodate the needs of their beloved dog.

We pride ourselves with our quick response time, quality of property options fit to each of our policyholders and excellent customer service, but it is not every day we receive such a heartfelt and meaningful response.

Thank you for sharing, Nancy, you have made our day!

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Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2013 6:33 AM
To: CRS Temporary Housing
Subject: Remarks about Kirsten from Nancy


I just wanted to say a few words to you about how wonderful Kirsten has been  in the process of finding us temporary housing after a tree fell and crushed our home in Syracuse, New York. First, Leanne helped find a place to stay very quickly..and then Kirsten jumped in and did all the detail work of getting it furnished and ready for us. She has done and outstanding job along with the movers.. they thought of everything  from furniture  to dishtowels..i was awestrck when i came to see what they had done. And all this happened in a week!!!

Kirsten has been done an amazing job and continues to do so with last minute problems that have arisen.  She is very professional and responsive ..calling back  and sending emails wihtin minutes of me contacting her. I am very impressed by her. I feel blessed to be working with such a great team of people at CRS.. they have exceeded all my expecations.

I wanted you to know how grateful we are for all that the folks at CRS and especially Kirsten have done for us.

Thank you


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