CRS has a New Website!

We are pleased to announce that our new CRS corporate website has been launched!  New features include a specific place designated for policyholders to visit for details on the temporary housing process and includes a brochure that they can print.  Adjusters can log into PlaceTrak Center through the website and keep up to date on the industry via the CRS blogs.  Landlords are able to submit their properties electronically using the online form provided. The new website truly has something for everyone we work with at CRS. It is our hope that this new site helps provides a place to point adjusters, policyholders and landlords who are seeking more information about CRS!  We will soon launch a marketing campaign that spreads the word to customers about our new website and all of its new features. 

We are proud of the revamped website with its seamless navigation, useful resources, links to our social media sites and blogs, as well as, an updated, clean view of our services to our adjusters, policyholders and landlords alike. Please share your feedback with us!


Check our our new site here!

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