Color My World Happy.

In what season are you most happy? Is there a season that you look forward to all year?

After conducting an impromptu CRS office survey this week, turns out that we’ve fallen in love with Fall. For our sports fans, football has finally started and MLB playoffs are in full swing (#cubs). Food-lovers have chosen autumn for all the wonderful pumpkin-related offerings like pumpkin latte, and it’s time to switch back to hot coffee. For some, cool nights unleash a craving for hearty beers, whose colors mirror those of the turning leaves. More nostalgic folks long for the time to wear boots and sweaters while pulling the cozy blankets out of the closet. With the smell of crisp fall air and refreshing cool breezes, time spent with family by the fireplace is savored and remembered throughout the year.

I was not surprised when CRS employees chose Fall as their #1 season. The reason being, our home office is located in Phoenix, AZ where the summer high temperatures can get to 115° and lows at night are in the upper 90s. So when the average highs drop down into the 80s, it’s a welcome relief from the sweltering summer days and ongoing efforts to stay cool.

Having grown up in Ohio and then lived in Chicago for 16 years, Summer was undeniably my favorite season. Chicago summers offered a myriad of outdoor activities not to be missed: From farmers’ markets to music festivals to heading to see my Cubs at Wrigley. But I must say, #IMWITHFALL now that I’ve been an Arizonian for 2 years. The basic AZ summertime goal is to get thought it without melting, passing out from heat exhaustion or getting air conditioning-induced frostbite.

So whether you choose fall for sports, weather or family, all that matters is that you enjoy it to the fullest. Here’s a few fall and winter tips to lengthen your house or condo’s lifespan and energy efficiency:

Prepare your house for Fall:

Prepare your house for Winter:

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