Celebrate Your Week Small Business Owners


National Small Business Week is scheduled to take place from April 30 through May 6, 2017. While consumers will recognize the week by shopping local and raising awareness through social media, small business owners can capitalize on the buzz. Here are some ideas to help get the party started for a successful Small Business Week.

Get social

Engage and interact with your customers in your stores and online. Have a campaign, raffle or contest running on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with your own hashtags for your products or services and using #SmallBusinessWeek #shoplocal #supportlocal to create more awareness.

If you own a store front, think of ways you can get your customers to check in on Facebook and Instagram. Try setting up a place to take photos by.

Promotional offers

Don’t immediately go for the “sale” or “buy one, get one” on this. Think exclusivity and how you can get people to sign up for, let’s say, a newsletter. For instance, online retailers can offer a promotional product at lowered price if they sign up for your newsletter or give them a small gift with purchase.

Brick-and-mortar store owners can also run promotional offers and their social media campaign congruent. A great example is if an owner of a restaurant offers guests free dessert for checking in or writing a review on Facebook.

Be bold

Have a new idea for marketing or product you want to sell? Now is the perfect time to do it! More people will be shopping small businesses in their local areas and online, so anything to stand out will be good for business.

Throw a party or event

Plan to have music, food and refreshments at your store or in your neighborhood. Partner with other local vendors to help sponsor and supply their products. A small party or event is the perfect way to attract new customers and to showcase yours and other local vendors services and products. Spread the word by creating flyers, banners and online buzz about the event.

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar, online or home-based business, right now is also the perfect time to review your commercial insurance policy. To get all the information on types of business insurance, visit www.sba.gov 


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