Business As Usual, After Hours.

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We recently received a nice email from an Adjuster to our CRS After Hours Supervisor. The email below is regarding the service that they received beyond normal business hours. These kudos never get old and are always worth a share.

“I just wanted to give a shout-out thank you to Jason who often times is my “personal”  Sunday CRS consultant. I am the on duty rep on Sundays.

Jason always helps me with my sometimes dizzying and complicated scenario’s with my customers. Today he helped with just that sort of claim.  We work so well together.

Again, Thank you to Jason !!  He is kind, great sense of humor and understands my customers needs and concerns.”


After hours availability to our customers is something that we strive for. Thanks to our after hours team of veteran CRS employees, we continue to strive with the commitment from our most seasoned employees. After hours claims are those that come up between the hours of 5pm and 8 am and on weekends outside of normal office hours. It’s imperative that we offer this service to both adjusters and policyholders alike, as we never know when the need for a temporary home will arise.

To read more about after hours claims services in our industry, check out this article written by CRS Director, Stephanie Moore, “Business After Hours”.

Please remember if the need arises, CRS is available 24/7/365 to assist!

To reach CRS after hours, call us at 800.968.0848. You can also email us at or, and request housing with ease online at


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