3 Tools Everyone In The Claims Industry Should Be Using


Insurers can offer more to their customers – more accurate services, applications and better risk predictions. Among them are 3 tools that everyone in the claims industry should be using.

Having “exceptional customer service” isn’t enough to keep high satisfaction ratings or loyal customers anymore. In today’s world, we expect an experience, convenience and expedited services while still being treated as a top priority. While insurers can offer more to their customers – more accurate services, applications and better risk predictions – policyholders still want more. Don’t fail your policyholders, use these 3 tools to make claims easier for you and your customers.

Keys to your own home

Temporary Housing Services

A claim is an emotional event, and services made available to you to ease the process of getting a customer’s life back to normal is invaluable. Vendors who specialize in temporary housing services know the particular landscape of the rental and relocation market. They can offer the most cost effective approaches to short and long term property facilitation and fulfill the need as immediately as possible.



Claims prevention

Using expertise from previous risks is crucial to early claims prevention.  Also, using software to fight fraud, streamline workflow and control costs is important. According to IRMI.com; Private property and casualty insurers lose $100 billion every year to insurance criminals*.


Just like fitness wearables have been changing the landscape of health care and wellness in the workplace– the ability to use devices in the property casualty industry can help to limit or even avoid an insurance claim altogether. You can monitor a home from a mobile device by receiving alerts to abnormal temperature changes, standing water or increase in humidity and smoke detection. Smart devices for the home can also come with privacy concerns, however with proper actions these risks can be lowered for a more secure home.




Personalized Communication

It’s important to offer personalized communication to insurance customers. You can do this by focusing on relating across the generations. Gen Xers, Millennials, Baby Boomers & Traditionalists all have their own preferences on communication methods. For example, adjusting communication approaches to your customer’s style may result in quicker resolution of claims. Some may want phone calls, others prefer to receive an email or better yet, a text message. A company that utilizes text messaging is in tune to providing the best personalized customer service experience.


If you are in the property and claims industry, contact your CRS Temporary Housing team to find out more about the tools to make your work load lighter.


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*Source: https://www.irmi.com/articles/expert-commentary/the-basics-of-property-claim-adjusting

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