Month: April 2013

Earth Week

Our office is making moves to go green! This past Monday was the 43rd annual Earth Day and we decided why not make it last all week? Or better yet, why not make improvements that can help reduce our waste for years to come? Small changes can make a big difference and we are excited …

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Emergency Planning

When the Center for Disease Control and Prevention asked Twitter users what emergencies they were the most prepared for many said the zombie apocalypse, while we don’t see that happening in the immediate future, something we do need to start preparing for is tornado season. Tornadoes can happen at any time, but peak season is …

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Giving Back

Once a month CRS donates to a local charity here in Phoenix, AZ, and we always chose a cause that is near and dear to our employee’s hearts. For the month of March CRS choose Hospice of the Valley. Hospice of the Valley assists and supports thousands of families’ everyday with understanding and compassion and …

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